teacher helping in guided math groups

3 Easy Guided Math Group Ideas That Work

Guided math groups are fun! You get to work with students in small groups and see their thinking in a small group. It’s easier to understand if a student understands the math skill you are teaching. It can tell you so much about them as a mathematician. So, in today’s

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Math workshop community

How to Start Math Workshop Community in 3 Easy Steps

Before starting your Math Workshop, you need to establish a math community in your classroom. Most students aren’t going to share their thoughts on how they solved a problem or ask for help. They need to feel safe and comfortable enough to advocate for themselves. There will be a few

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math routines for elementary

Math Workshop Routines That Work

Math is my favorite subject to teach! I am a first-grade teacher, so that isn’t usually the norm. I love working with numbers, and Math Workshop is my favorite. It’s not like I start on day one with my five parts of math workshop, and BOOM- they are up and

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How to Set Up Your Math Workshop Like a Pro

I will be the first to admit I didn’t always do math workshop. I used to have the traditional math block where I taught the students how to solve a problem; then, I would have the students try a sample problem with me and slowly and gradually release the responsibility. 

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