Amazon Favorites

Cup Holder for Drinks

This comes in 3 different sizes! Perfect for holding those cold drinks and preventing the sweating of your favorite drink!

Ten Frame Pop-it's

Comes in a pack of 6. Perfect for math stations when working within ten!

Foam Number Dice Numbers 1-6 and 7-12

These are perfect for adding using higher numbers!

Transparent Game Spinner

This is perfect for games! No more pencil and paper clip for you!

Power Bank

This is perfect for your phone! It has 3 different chargers. And it plugs into the wall! No more chords needed!

Sit Spots for the Carpet

This makes carpet time so much easier! Students sit on a sit spot that you assign them to. They know where to sit and theyare able to have their own personal bubble!

Ink Joy Gel Pens

I am all about ball point pens! But these gel pens are the best. They don't smear and they write very smoothly!

Peel and Stick Contact Paper

I love this for my window! This shiplap peel and stick contact paper is perfect! It sticks to the window and doesn't wrinkle, or tear! It is perfect to keep up all year long!

Interlocking STEM Blocks

I love using these for morning bins! My kids love making new things with these blocks! Grab these for STEM class, indoor recess or morning bins.

Dry Erase Plastic Sleeves Page Protectors

Laminating can be a pain. You have to laminate and then cut it out. That can be time consuming. I love these pockets instead. I just put an activity in the sleeve and then let the kids play! Kids can even use dry erase markers on them!


I love these for the beginning of the year. Students have lunch numbers and it can be hard to remember. So I give them these lanyards with their name on one side and their lunch number on the other. It saves so much time at lunch!

Foam Magnetic Letters

I love these foam magnetic letters! They are perfect for phonics lessons. I love how the consonants are blue and the vowels are red! Perfect for students to use!

Magnetic Erasers

I love these magnetic erasers. They are super colorful and they stick the the magnetic boards! 48 come in a pack!

Blank Foam Dice

These are perfect for any game you may have. Just write what you need on the foam dice with a sharpie and you have a game all ready to go!

Pop-it Board Game

This is perfect for any math game, or phonics game. Students can rool and add for math, or count syllables, or sounds and pop the answer. First one to pop all on their side wins!